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Steel Recycling and Manufacturing

Our Promise to

our Community

Respecting and safeguarding the environment is a fundamental principle of Rider Industries.

The world steel industry is an important CO2 emitter and is therefore being called on to play a major role in mitigating climate change. Rider Industries is dedicated to ensuring that a sustainable society can exist without compromising an innovative and developing future.  We have based our work around three sustainable practices

Reuse and Recycle 

The process of steel manufacturing here at Rider Steel begins with scrap collection. Due to most metals inability to decompose, collected scrap is brought to our facility to be melted down and remade into strong and high quality steel. Even the slag produced from our manufacturing process is either recycled into the steel melting process or purchased by external sources like construction companies.

Our work will contribute to the abatement of pollution and emission of greenhouse gases, due to greater use of steel scrap in the production process as opposed to primary steel production from iron ore.

The local steel production will lead to the elimination of up to 240,000 tons of steel imports, resulting in an annual emissions reduction of


tons of CO2 emission,

Depollution Technology

The smoke quantity discharged by production of 1t steel is often greater than 10Kg. No matter what the factor is, the smoke discharged pollutes the environment and harms the human body. Rider Steel chooses to avoid such a situation by integrating technology such dust collection hoods, flue gas dedusting and air cleaning systems to filter and clean the emissions produced. The dust collector sucks the smoke into the pulsed jet cloth filter for purification. The purified clean air is delivered to the exhaust funnel through the induced draft fan and then discharged into the atmosphere.

Our Dust Content of Smoke

~200 mg/NM3


Blast Capacity to be Handled

690000 M3/h

dust collector.png

Collection Rate


Non-Carbon Energy Sources

The impact of Carbon Energy Sources have had a clear detrimental impact on our society. Thus, Rider Steel is making great strides in the Steel Manufacturing industry to move towards alternative energy sources so that we can leave a healthy world for future generations.

Currently, our Tema facility operates at 0.06% alternative energy and our Kumasi project will operate at 12% from our solar panels. 

Our Target
of our Energy to be Solar Generated
We Invested
in Solar Panels

We continue to work with international institutions and local governments to ensure that Rider Steel remains consistent with the highest international standard and to ensure the maintenance of our environmental consciousness.

About Us

Rider Industries is a privately held, global corporation. Our businesses employ over 3000 people and we operate throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Rider Steel Ghana Limited 
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